Welcome Author, Eld.Johny C.Morris

dad1Eld. Johny Morris, was born and raised in Huffman Arkansas.  He retired from the Eaker AFB upon his last tour from Ramstein Germany 1978.  While in Germany he completed his ministerial schooling and Christian Education through Aeon Bible College and was ordained. He graduated from Cotton Boll Vo-tech, Burdette AR.  Eld.Morris founded Apostolic Temple in Blytheville Ark and Osceola Ar.  His ministry was an award winning ministry both locally and nationally. The ministry was affiliated with Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (P.A.W). His ministry won several bible bowls. In the community, The CFC program won Arkansas Youth Service Award 2 years in a row and participated in the annual Make A Difference Day project giving holiday baskets called Bag of Love.  His summer program fed 5,000 kids winning him the OTC Shivers Award and a Commendation from former (Gov.) President Bill Clinton. His wife and kids were faithful and their community service earned them several awards through the state and nationally.


If Lois Was Here” shares a perspective about the priorities of life in an established foundation, faith, family, friends, and future planning. Originated from notes of the life of Deloris J. Morris, there is a relevance of her character to the biblical character of Lois found in 2 Timothy 1:5 in her faith that was passed down to others. This journal celebrates some of the happiest moments during the holiday season and the value of their meaning of expressing love and spending time among family and friends.
Eld.Johny C. Morris, co-authors are Macaiah Tillman, and Award Winning Author, LaVerne Adekunle.

If Lois Were Here will be available in print at all major booksellers, If Lois Were Here is also available as an e-book for the Kindle, all Apple/Android devices and at any vendor that sells e-books. The book will be released simultaneously on Amazon, Amazon Europe, and all over the world in an English language edition.

You can visit his website www.johnycmorris.info  or order a copy from www.DeloresJMorris.info  His Family page.

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