P.O.Y. Celebration

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Come On In Inc. to Host John Williams Person of the Year Celebration

Colorado Springs CO. 6/19/17- Eld. John Williams and Brenda Williams are the Founders of Come On In Inc. and Elite Brand will be honored at a formal gala September 15th, 2017 6:00 pm at The Pinery at the Hill 775 West Bijou Street, Colorado Springs Colorado.  John extensive community service has made him so deserving of this honor. He has included and requests all EPA Nominees to participate.

Eld. John Williams is the youngest of 14 children, his mentor Mrs. Etter Mae Robinson, told him, that he was smart and could be anything in life that he wanted to be. That, was when Mr. Williams made a tremendous change in his life. With the improvement of his self-confidence and self-worth, Mr. Williams graduated with the Class of 1986. Upon graduation, he received two scholarships. Mr. Williams was the first of 14 children to finish high school and attend college. He joined the United States Army in Dec of 1988 and his lovely wife recently retired from the military. John received many awards over the years in which volunteering is his life. Eld. John list of Awards, educational certifications, and degrees are many and very distinguished visits his website for more information and registration http://www.ComeOnIn.org

About Us

Come On In Inc. offer youth and senior services. John is branding Ms. Senior Elite to spotlight and give honor to women who have reached the point in life some call the “age of elegance.” It is a search for seniors that are gracious and want to share wisdom which symbolizes, dignity, maturity and inner beauty.

laExpose’ is a  non-profit organization hosting Extraordinary People Awards to honor and identify some of the most gifted and talented individuals including humanitarian contributions.

Media Contact

Dr.LaVerne Adekunle


Pictured Above:  CityCouncilman John Musgraves, Dr. LaVerne Adekunle & John Williams. The trio team are original members of Come On In about 20 years ago.


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