Petition Against Prince Timi Abiri

I received numerous accusations this week and to my surprise, Prince is casting evil on those that will not donate to his financial needs. Due to his persistence to abuse others, it is time to take action against bullying, threats, and blackmail.

laExpose’ is a charitable organization to help authors, artist, and entrepreneurs. We are here to support people we serve. We reserve the right to oust anyone abusing the teammates and members.

We love our members in word and deed yet, when a person says “no” they have a right and we must respect one another. We don’t have the expertise to deal with this kind of personality and we have to turn cases like this over to officials. Don’t hesitate to report any abuse to authorities and the Bible say pray for those who despitefully use you! PRAY

We demand a safe experience using social media platforms free of bullying and threats.
Every person has a right to raise money for their projects online/offline. However, when a person says, “no” and the exchange follows with a threat, it becomes a crime of extortion.

This past week, I received several complaints from members of laExpose’ which I am the Founder and also their friends. Members are complaining that they are being harassed. The perpetrator asks for money and if the member or friends don’t give him an “evil omen is spoken against them” by Prince Timmy Abiri (Timi, Timilehim) (Abiri Timilehim Stephen) of Reality Entertainment, Face of Osun & Int’ Peace Conference. He slanders individuals and quick to launch hate campaigns. When confronted, he denies and go into a victim role and rudely accusatory and belligerent.

Last year, I was being humiliated and embarrassed by his slander campaign and ousted him from our platform, cutting off all communications. I felt like a hostage giving and supporting his organization. The antagonistic threats and blackmailed followed. It is time out for being gullible due to friendship! Everyone is not lying how he abuses people over money.

As a Leader of a large team of people including a large fan base, it is time to say NO MORE. We have to stand united against all levels of brutality that is evident criminal.

People that prey on Americans being generous, the magnanimity will diminish due to skepticism & exploitation.

It is time for us to demand that Facebook and other social media platforms. including law agencies to take decisive action to remove reported criminal bullies.

The stats of suicide and cyberbullying is on the rise and we need to have the courage to do something, say something! Be a victor, not a victim, report all forms of abuse it just might save someone earnings and even a life.
I have notified Facebook and the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission in Nigeria and US Homeland Security to step in.

bullying and extortion of americans

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