BB Ladies Home

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The goal of Bed and Breakfast for Ladies(B&B) is to become the best choice for professional women who need respite from life challenges for temporary rest. Creating a differentiated experience capitalizing on personal service including privacy and anonymity. The home will be a mix of transitional/respite with the home feel. We either will charge a nominal nightly fee to offset meals and direct care or find an amazing philanthropist to fund us 100%. We will promote mental health, fitness & nutrition managed by a registered nurse. We plan to hire qualified staff in addition to a masseur & yoga instructor on call.
We plan to be more than a bed and breakfast but a recuperating oasis for women that need a quiet short-term getaway, privately and discreet.
The vision is to set one up our first model home with the hope to expand in great locations for easy access.
B&B Ladies is for women only and we plan homes for military women and domestic violence homes for woman and children. Every 9 seconds women are abused and many need our unique services.
We plan to create an environment of pampered luxury that surpasses the standard B&B. Expanding our exposure via the Internet and introducing the home to agencies with address to be discreet and appointment only. Our hope is to lease till we can buy 4-6-bedroom homes which one is for staff with a den, office, living room, dining room. A swimming pool and or Jacuzzi is ideal with handicap accessibility. Our goal is to have a professional women homes, veteran women homes, and domestic violence homes all specializing just what they will need. You can help by donating to our Gofundme or buy a souvenir will be great.

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