Sometimes in life we lose everything but ourselves, so we repeat it until we do.. it’s during that time we walk in Jeremiah 29 vs 11..for I know the thoughts & plans I have for you thus says the Lord… 
I’ve lost much in this life even homelessness & it was during that season I lost myself. When I tell you it was a humbling experience to not be able to buy a bottle of water. It was during my weakness Gods strength was perfected through me. 
My tears at times literally became my food. I was broken but not destroyed. Deep down inside I knew God would see about me, I just didn’t know when. The enemy laughed in my darkest moments but I called on the name of Jesus, & each time he had to flee. 
Tosha Cobb was playing one day “He Knows My Name” as I was contemplating suicide. I had a plan to overdose & wreck my brothers truck. God had a different plan & I instead drove myself to Malcolm Randall Veterans Memorial Hospital in Gainesville, FL. 
I was Baker Act & spent 3 weeks in the hospital. I felt this was it for me as I was homeless, broken, & defeated. I was released & entered a homeless shelter for Veterans “The Honor Center” in Gainesville. It was during this period that God began to reveal His purpose for my life. He gave me the strength to self advocate & positioned me to walk in His renewed favor.
This life isn’t easy & many times as believers we will suffer persecutions. If we say Gods got it, that’s a guarantee! I requested my military medical records while in this center. I felt the spirit of the Lord working through me in all my steps. I reviewed my records with the mindset of an Attorney. I found injuries & conditions related to my military service. God allowed me to develop a claim no man could deny. 
He put me in the path of Senators & Councilmen of Florida. Executive inquiries were submitted to VA on my behalf. God gave me wisdom to master Google to find legal precedents that confirmed my claim of service connection illnesses. I found a law firm to represent my case. It was customary for Compensation & Pension in Gainesville to rule unfavorably for veterans.
When God be for you He is more than the world against you. It was determined by a Board of Veterans Appeals Judge that my previous denied compensation claim wasn’t valid. The Compensation & Pension department in Gainesville was shortly closed. I received 100% total & permanent disability from Veterans Affairs. God restored everything the enemy stole. 
There were some family & friends that walked away during this hurricane experience. There were also solid family & friends that sent cashapps or cash to keep me the 7 months I stayed in Gainesville. 
I haven’t slept much tonight but I knew it was time to share my testimonial. Some will read & judge. Some won’t say a word or give God the glory. Oh but there is one that this message is speaking to going through brokenness right now. I’m here to testify that if you’re going through anything right now, GOD IS ABLE!

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