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laExpose’ launches luxury concierge services

The establishment of LaExpose Productions organized in the year 2011. The company has launched its concierge service now. Having become a 501c3 organization in the year 2016, the company has received multiple award winning awards which motivated them to progress further. The company has since used mindful entrepreneurial-ism, partnerships and innovative events to make sure that they raise the right funds for their program. LaExpose is bonded and a member of IAP College. When it comes to the luxury concierge, then it is for sure that the company is ready to offer the best options there.

The company runs under skillful leadership of the founder LaVerne Adekunle and also have the charity partners, such as Executive Director Dwayne Coley, Macaiah Tillman, Co-Founder of ComeOnIn Inc, ClockAfrica, laExpose’ and PhD of MTMotivationsTheir present partner is ComeOnIn Inc., which charity is providing the options to combat homelessness as well as lack of food in different areas including Georgia, Colorado and Arizona. They also work in the countries like Nigeria and West Africa. Other than that, the company offers their dedicated services for the charitable events as well, which includes Extraordinary People Awards.

By their hard and committed works, they offer the perfection that the clients look for in every step of finding personal+shopper, convenience and personal+assistant for special events and occasions. When it comes to the luxury concierge then it is for sure that they are the best options. For the clients they arrange gifts for special events, holidays, food gift baskets, flowers, personal wine and pet gift baskets.

About LaExpose Productions:

This is a company offering luxury concierge services for all kinds of clients. Found in the year 2011, the company is now offering the best solutions.

Media Contact:

Website – https://www.amazingsuperlife.com/

Carla John info@laExpose.com