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New Release

GREAT NEWS!! The Gospel Music Forum Magazine’s Annual Edition published by Melva Williams and Dr. Bradford Howard, Jr. is available now!! Click on the link below if you would like to order your Digital or Hard copy today!!


FRONT COVER PHOTOS include Fellowhip Baptist Church Chicago, Mother Mae Berta Ward, Dr. LaVerne Adekunle, Robert Marovich, Andre Carter, Henry Harris, Sara Jordan Powell and Phillip Carter.

Others featured in this great magazine include a glimpse into the life of Bro. Joe May plus Tony Calloway, Leo Brown, The Scott Family, Danny Jones, Dr. Henry Jackson, Bishop Ed Johnson, Kendal Richardson, Min. Dare David, Janice Peterson Townsend, Sheryll Brooks-Mitchell, Apostle Roxanne Parks-Hayles, Chef Ernesto Hayles and Charles Woolridge.

Dr. Bradford Howard

Just a summary of this great man of God. Dr. Howard started working with laExpose’ around 2014 and has served as promoter and Publicist for Dr. LaVerne and laExpose’. Dr. Bradford Howard Jr. is an Award Winning Songwriter/Spoken Word Music Artist and Promoter. He has written songs that have become popular in both the USA/other countries and also topped the Charts. Dr. Howard has also promoted artists, who have either won Awards or who have been nominated for Awards.

For more info., please go to website www.bradgreatgospel.net or call business#430-201-3920 & 470-781-0150 or Home #352-205-9880 go to Awardwinning31, Asincerefaith, both on Twitter or Doc Bradford Howard Jr on Facebook. Dennis Grady, who sang Doc. songs, is an Award Winning Producer , Singer and Songwriter. Stop by and meet him on Facebook or BradGreatGospel.net his magazine below is available on MagCloud.

Dr. Bradford Howard Jr., Box 44 Windsor Ct. 06095 Email: bradgreatgospel@yahoo.com