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Happiness is Yours

Author Macaiah Tillman


Today, we are consumed by the many things that are taking place in our way of life and the negative things that are promoted in the media. It appears that every time we turn on the television, get on the Internet, read a newspaper, or access our social media, there is a matter of doom and gloom that is being advertised. Even though these are matters that exist and take place on a daily basis, we do not have to allow ourselves to be consumed with the negativity. There are positive things for us to appreciate, promote, and look forward to in our daily lives. However, we have to choose our focus. The world, the media, and other concepts of advertisement wants to increase their ratings and achieve sales goals. Why not focus on the things that we want developed from within relevant to our own personal goals. Just when you think you can’t take it anymore and you are ready to give up. Guess what? You have arrived at an opportunity in your life to create change. Happiness awaits you if you BELIEVE. If there is unbelief, ADDRESS IT….Tap into resources, manage your time, find a way to make something happen…You have to CREATE CHANGE! Don’t give up, YOU ARE FAVORED TO WIN! Every challenge, every obstacle, and ever delay is your training ground and experience for self development and placement to be a help to someone that may be in more need. You can be HAPPY! You will achieve your GOALS! You will obtain SUCCESS! The answer, resources, and potential is present before you…YOU MUST TAP INTO IT! The same energy that makes you feel sad can be reversed to make you happy. DO YOU REALLY WANT IT? I ENCOURAGE YOU TO PURSUE HAPPINESS…The opportunity for change is waiting on you. You are FVRD2WIN; now find a way to compete in the race of achieving your goals! I am here to help you at www.FVRD2WIN.com!

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