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New Book Release

BUNNELL, Fla. – Dec. 31, 2022 – PRLog — Dr. Bradford Howard Jr. and Dr. LaVerne Adekunle released a beautiful new prayer journal for the New Year called “When God Says Yes”. Enjoy writing the blessings God bestowed on you this year as He is saying “Yes” to your goals and dreams. Writing is known to ease depression, anxiety and stress and the writers wanted a journal to help readers vent. Available on Amazon.

Award-winning co-author, LaVerne Adekunle, Phd. grew up in Vidalia GA of multi-cultural heritage. She attended college at Aenon Bible College and graduated from US Career Institute as a Certified Fitness Instructor & Nutrition Specialist. She completed P.O.G.I.A ministerial program in Ramstein Germany and former Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies at TNT Biblical Institute. Dr. LaVerne is a avid writer of journals and all her books can be found on Amazon.

Dr. Bradford Howard Jr. is the founder of Doc Entertainment Prescription Group is now a Texas Senior Citizen, who owns two Internet Radio Stations. They are Docs World Radio and Gospel Music Portions Radio. Doc has a weekly Television Show on Tuesday and Thursday evenings called Doc’s Place Video Debut across the All Nations TV Network. He is also a Songwriter/ Artist, Promoter/ Media Consultant, Radio Personality, Internet Radio Owner and TV Writer/ Producer.

He has been recognized through many Awards, Plaques and Certificates. Doc has also received 4 Life-time Awards, 3 in Ministry and 3 Media Awards, 4 Lifetime Music Awards, 2 Television Awards, 2 Living Legion Awards, and a Silver Award in Music.

He has also had a Day named after Him in Hartford Connecticut, Springfield Massachusetts, and one in California. He has also received Awards as a Humanitarian and Advocate, who assisted many from our very diverse communities from the city of Hartford, Connecticut and the State of Connecticut.

For more information: Dr. Bradford Howard, Jr. bradgreatgospel@yahoo.com bradgreatgospel.net 352-205-9880

Dr. Bradford Howard


Visual Artist LaVerne Adekunle


Visual Artist, LaVerne Adekunle, Has Announced the Release of Her New Collection

The skilled visual artist will display her latest series, Women Warriors, at a charitable event in Jacksonville later this month.

September 5, 2022, Brentwood, Tennessee LaVerne Adekunle, award-winning author and visual artist, has announced that her Women Warrior Collection will make its debut at the Extraordinary People Awards event with partner Feed the People Jax Inc. on September 25, 2022, at 325 North Main Street Jacksonville, FL, behind the main library. The event, which was created to honor accomplished leaders and feed homeless veterans, will begin at noon.

“Each portrait in this new series explores individuality and is framed to appear as if light is flowing through and reflecting on the subject’s facial features,” LaVerne says.

LaVerne’s style combines her skills and imagination to create paintings that are inspired by design, context, interaction, and culture. Her Women Warriors Collection is both a reflection of the artist and a recognition of how the world is finally beginning to embrace women’s power and accept all cultures.

According to LaVerne, “I’m honored to have my work premiered at such an important Veteran’s Benefit by Dwayne Coley, that provides much-needed humanitarian aid. ” LaVerne invites everyone to attend the Extraordinary People Awards and see her Women Warrior Collection debut.

About LaVerne Adekunle: LaVerne is the owner of laExpose’ Productions and the Eclectic Creations art brand. She grew up in the south in a multi-cultural family and began drawing and writing as a teenager, in addition to a variety of craft hobbies. LaVerne has traveled extensively in Africa and Europe, she has a PhD in Philosophy, and graduated from Bible College and studied in Germany. She has been able to incorporate cross-cultural elements into her paintings as a result of these significant life influences.

CONTACT: To find out more about LaVerne Adekunle, the Women Warrior Collection, the Extraordinary People Awards, or to arrange an interview for an article, please contact us.

Karla Johnson




LaVerne Adekunle, PhD

No matter when I call Dr. LaVerne Adekunle she is always busy working on a project. 

This time it’s the annual Extraordinary People Awards banquet. Except for 2020 when nearly every event across the globe got canceled due to COVID, Adekunle has hosted her event throughout the United States and parts of Africa every year without fail. This June – in partnership with Feed The People – the fundraiser will be held Jacksonville, Florida. 

“This year our focus is on homeless military veterans and under-privileged families,” said Adekunle, adding that “a lot of Americans are falling through the cracks.” 

For a woman who grew up in the rural southern town of Vidalia, Georgia, Adekunle’s reach extends far beyond her roots. And she uses her influence to help others build their networks.

LA Expose’ is her international marketing organization designed to offer support to entertainers, artists and other creatives who want to build their careers throughout the United States, Europe and Africa. In a world where most people want to know WIIFT – What’s In It For Them? – this mother of two grown children had to work as a one woman show for many years to build LA’ Expose before others offered help. 

“When you’ve done this as many years as I have, you establish a reputation of reliability and honesty. When I say ‘I’m gonna do,’ I do.”

That’s when her passion and team building skills attracted a core team of volunteers. And that team has expanded her vision. In turn they grow and the organization does too. 

No matter how big her vision gets, Adekunle said GOD is at the center.

“When you love GOD and you love people, the driving force for me is doing what I’m supposed to do, and that is serving and helping others.”

She comes by it naturally: Her parents were in ministry, community-based people who lived to serve others. And her children are following suit, because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 

Her advice to others who want to make a difference in their communities is to (1) follow your passion; (2) fulfill your purpose; and (3) work with like-minded people to make your dreams reality. 

Even the hardest working woman from Vadalia takes time to nurture her own family tree. Her 7-year-old grandson, Hylan Tillman is the family’s latest published author. His new coloring book will be released on Amazon in the coming weeks. He’s the new priority client of LA ‘Expose! If her support for other clients is any indication of Hylan’s success, his activity book will be selling out in no time flat. To find Dr. LaVerne Adekunle follow her on laExpose.com.

By Steffanie Rivers

Press Release

Press Release

New Journals Release

Brentwood Tn, Jan. 20, 2022 — Stephanie McDonald Founder of VSC Gospel Network, honored LaVerne Adekunle, PhD for her work with laExpose’ Productions.

Dr. LaVerne is known for her international brand, Extraordinary People’s Awards and laExpose’ Productions. She is an extraordinaire’ in community service and an award-winning author. EPA identifies people that they believe have achieved exceptional success in their local community by empowering the lives of others.

LaVerne’s Journals is a brand for people who love to write. She is focused on design and manufacturing of high end and affordable journals, notebooks and notebooks.
Operating independently through platforms quality of both materials and international distribution. Every piece, using traditional craftsmanship methods while experimenting with graphical techniques and materials. LaVerne’s Journals coveted pieces can be found on online bookstores

“Working with Dr. LaVerne Adekunle and the many members of laExpose from so many countries from around the world is such a joy,” said Glenn Keller of Zig Ziglar.


La Expose’ a 501c(3) organization is devoted to exposing gifted and talented professionals as a “random act of kindness” offering simple marketing and advertisement to aspiring professionals. Giving back or paying it forward is a prerequisite for being a member. La Expose’ seeks to identify, recruit, and educate a new generation of talents teaching gratitude, integrity, and community service. Journal souvenirs here!

Media Contact:

Dwayne Coley

Exe. Director


New Journals

As a journal writer I enjoy sharing low content or no content books where you get to be the pilot of your dreams. Your Place To Dream is a 3 part series. Dream & Discover, Create & Discover and Pray & Discover.

Visit Amazon and find one that is ideal for you. LaVerne planners and notebooks available on Lulu click here.

The ideal lined journal to write in and fill with thoughts, ideas, to do lists and creative writing projects.

  • Softcover binding – flexible and easy to carry, colored pages
  • Great for journaling, note-taking, lists, descriptions, dreams, memories and observations
  • A great book for women, men, children, teens and tweens
  • Makes a perfect gift to inspire, motivate and encourage
  • Plenty of space for creative self-expression and reflective writing
  • Use this as a notebook, diary, writing journal, sleep log, food journal, fitness tracker, travel book or however you wish – the possibilities are endless

Blytheville Natives Changing Lives

Press Release
                                     Blytheville Natives Changing Lives

Brentwood, TN- 12/1/21 We are excited to announce that our Founder of Come On In Inc. will produce his own docu-series with the help of W.O.R Productions. Award-winning authors and community service leaders, Dr. John Williams and Dr. LaVerne Handcock-Adekunle of Blytheville Arkansas are collaborating on a new show which find military veterans who serve others in their city. Both Blytheville natives continue their community service originating in at home.  International philanthropy among the many hats they wear, will produce the series starting early 2022.

Dr. John Williams, the Host of Elite TV with engaging interviews on his show. The show is on The Now Network.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime for many veterans whom go unnoticed with a passion to serve.

About Us
Come On In Inc. offer youth and senior services including feeding the less fortunate. Dr. John is branding the Elite programs to spotlight and give honor to women and men who serve through volunteerism. It is a search for great people doing great things.

 laExpose’ is a non-profit organization hosting Extraordinary People Awards and The Queens Charity Ball to honor and identify some of the most gifted and talented individuals including humanitarian contributions.

Media Contact
Dr.LaVerne Adekunle