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Macaiah Tillman, Best Keynote Speaker of the Year

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Macaiah Tillman, PhD Earns Best Keynote Speaker of the Year

Colorado Springs, CO- Sept. 13, 2017. Dr. Macaiah Tillman award winning author and accomplished speaker, hailed as a self-improvement guru. He will be recognized for his ability to empower diverse audiences.  Dr. Macaiah will be honored Sept.14, 2017 at The Pinery in Colorado Springs, CO. and the event is open to the public hosted by Come On In Inc. He is a thought provoking speaker and we are too proud stated Founder John Williams. For tickets to attend are at http://www.comeonin.org

Dr.Macaiah holds a Bachelors of Arts in Communications, Masters of Arts in Business, a Masters of Science in Academic Advising and Counseling and PhD in Christian Education.  He has served and been a spokesman in several leadership and volunteer opportunities former Board Member of Arkansas Student Leadership Forum, and active in serving and addressing outreach, discipleship, and mentorship.  He was recognized as Mentor of the Year, while serving in the (VIPS) Volunteer in Public Schools programs in LittleRock, AR along with being a spokesman for Arkansas Scholars.  He was recognized in the 2009 Presidential Forum at Texas A&M University for Service for the Community Service Youth Council, which received the Points of Life Award sponsored by the Points of Life Foundation. President Barack Obama and the 41st President George H.W. Bush were the special guest and spokesmen.  Dr. Macaiah says his life has been a “man shaping experience” to empower others and through it all, we all have the favor to win but one must tap into it. Dr. Macaiah leads the way with a new project for speakers specializing in conflict resolution called Global Truce.

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Come On In Inc. offer youth and senior services. John is branding Ms. Senior Elite to spotlight and give honor to women who have reached the point in life some call the “age of elegance.” It is a search for seniors that are gracious and want to share wisdom which symbolizes, dignity, maturity and inner beauty.

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We are so excited to be lead by Award-Winning Movie Producer/Director Sunshine S. Olawore to expand laExpose’ Entertainment & Productions.  “Press Release” below!

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When Family Does You Wrong by Lorraine Spencer

Power n Favor

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It appears that since the fall of mankind the favor of God has to be obtained. In this easy to read and captivating book “Power in Favor” it spells out step by step how to get the F-O-G or favor of God and how that can transform your life. Whenever we ask the Lord a question, He always answers us. The answer is ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Not Now’. After putting into practice the principles you will learn though the revelations given in this marvelous work you will soon come to realize that the ultimate ‘Yes’ is when we ask for and get the favor of God. In a collaboration between the “Nations Gathers Christian Churches”, “The John Tatum Network” and “We All Are One Ministry” this work came together with a flow that will be cherished by you and it is full of unforgettable tools to live your Christian walk with more pleasure and less pressure. It is not too late and you are never too lost. Favor makes hard, easy.

Congratulations to Pastor Chrisman & our Rebecca Tatum great work!