Welcome Moses Owopade


Media Mogul, Moses Owopade partner with laExpose Int’l
 Moses Owopade joins forces with laExpose’ to produce and host laExpose’ Talent Shows called “The Next Big Discovery”.  We plan to launch in Ghana then move on to nearby cities and countries.
Moses Owopade is an accomplished television host of “Trail Blazers Africa” known for his brilliant & warm interview style. He has many years’ experience in the media field, from radio, publishing, to TV and event management. He has served as a business consultant, analyst, philanthropist and a prolific speaker. He brings a creative critical eye in producing laExpose’ Talent Shows by searching to expose some of the greatest unknown talents on the planet!!
Moses Owopade is well known in the media in Nigeria having practiced for over ten years before relocating to Ghana. He was media consultant to many organizations, both governmental and Non-Governmental. He was a members of various organizations in Nigeria, he served as the Publicity Secretary of Osun State Sports Development committee, Protocol and ceremony Committee, Lagos State, and he was the Public Relations Officer of students ‘Union when in School.
Moses passion to serve others making him Founder of The King’s Portion a program and ministry serving the less fortunate.
 “la Exposé  launched as a blog two years ago devoted to exposing a diverse group of gifted and talented professionals as a “random act of kindness”.  laExpose’ now incorporated offering marketing and advertisement with an array of talent!
Through this partnership we intend to expose talents to the global audience,” adds Macaiah Tillman.
You can view Moses Owopade profile on laExpose’ Here ….  His PRESS RELEASE HERE
 His profile will be among Award Winning Authors, Culinary Chefs, Tv & Movie Producers, Publishers and Editors, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Talk show Host, Ministries, Non-profits and other Entrepreneurs.
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