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laExpose’ Entertainment

We are so excited to be lead by Award-Winning Movie Producer/Director Sunshine S. Olawore to expand laExpose’ Entertainment & Productions.  “Press Release” below!

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The Jones Family Singers Album Release Party

Sunday, April 13 at 5:00pm in CDT
Congratulations to Sylvia & Shunice





Visit Shines World Films

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New Book Releases





Our Authors books are displayed on the front page/post of the blog feel free to view and order a copy today!

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When Family Does You Wrong by Lorraine Spencer

Power n Favor

Grab Your Copy today!

It appears that since the fall of mankind the favor of God has to be obtained. In this easy to read and captivating book “Power in Favor” it spells out step by step how to get the F-O-G or favor of God and how that can transform your life. Whenever we ask the Lord a question, He always answers us. The answer is ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Not Now’. After putting into practice the principles you will learn though the revelations given in this marvelous work you will soon come to realize that the ultimate ‘Yes’ is when we ask for and get the favor of God. In a collaboration between the “Nations Gathers Christian Churches”, “The John Tatum Network” and “We All Are One Ministry” this work came together with a flow that will be cherished by you and it is full of unforgettable tools to live your Christian walk with more pleasure and less pressure. It is not too late and you are never too lost. Favor makes hard, easy.

Congratulations to Pastor Chrisman & our Rebecca Tatum great work!