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Author Hylan Tillman 


Dwayne Coley Exec.Director & Show Producer

Dwayne serenading “Honorable Dorah Illunga”


Shunice Hill “Testimonial”

Praise God for everything! Honored for this, all I can say is I love LaExpose Family. Before, I knew how to market/brand myself, before I build relationships in the music industry and before people would ask me to come to their events to sing it was LaExpose marketing me no cost to me. If I did have to pay LaVerne anything, it was very little compare to marketing/branding companies. Over the years, I’ve watched LaVerne market/promoted many out of kindness of her own heart and pocket. In US, Africa and worldwide she’s phenomenal. She treats everyone with kindness, love and respect. She uplift my spirit and keep focus on my goal. No, LaVerne is not God but she’s true WOG and pray that God continues to elevate her as she has many. So you wonderful why I work so hard for LaExpose that’s why.

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Evangelist Felecia Spaulding

Author, Writer, Speaker, Entreprenuer and TalkShow Host

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Award-Winning Gospel Recording Artist Melva Williams


Psalmist Paulette Triplett


Founder of Come On In & Colorado Elite Steppers

John Williams


Dr. Carlette Satterwhite

Latrice Fowler visit 

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Dr. Bradford Howard- laExpose’ Promoter


Dr.Mario & Denese Ramos– Chaplain



Evang. Dorothy Mitchell

macahl jett

Macahl Jett

Chosen Few in KY

Chosen Few of Omaha


 The Jones Family Singers


Gifted Anointed  Recording Artist Johnny Payne


CLAP Your HANDS by Darren Deac


Dr. Sherron Parrish 

Lady Bryant

Author, Dr. Teresa Bryant


CEO, Robert Everett



Author Virgina King


Comedienne Sybil Presley


Dr. Roxanne Parks

This Is Your Season Radio


Award-Winning Gospel Singer Sylvia Fedrick


Shunice Hill-Sullivan I’m an Author & Songstress


Gospel Artist Cherry Hislop

Rhonda R. Nori

Editor-n-Chief  of Renor

Chief Executive Officer and the Founder: W.O.J.M+1 School of the Arts

  Lumbie Mlambo, Actress, Editor-n-Chief of Equanimity Magazine


Minister Glenn Keller Motivational Speaker, Minister, Making A Difference 

Lorraine Spencer (deceased 2020) Forever Remember!
 Information broker,  Dating Coach, Event Planner, Lyricist, Closet Music Analyst
Writer of the song,



Latrice Fowler 
Nonfiction Writer + AudioBlogger + Podcaster
Click & E
xplore My → WriteWorld

Dr.Sherron for BookingsD


Born in Asturias ( Spain ) living between Santiago de Compostela and Ibiza´s island. Graduate in History and Literature. Kuesta’s paintings reflect the deep religiosity of India. Its balance between reason and spirituality. Its substrate of myths associated with natural forces: fire, mountains. For me there is a link between two distant civilizations but overlap in many ways. My work in recent years is motivation, “The Ancient Egypt”: its architecture, its temples, their sculpture, their religion.



Award Winning Producer

Olawore S. Sunshine

Thanks Felecia for showing off the Souvenir Book

Special Shutterfly Site




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6 thoughts on “laExpose USA”

  1. What a blessing it is to see beautiful women striving for success in this great big panaromatic world we live in.

    My staff and I wish you nothing but the best with your magazine.


    Didi Tillson
    Author of “A NEED FOR LOVE”

    1. Each and every time I read and see what you are doing, just makes my heart melt. I am so very proud of you, and I will do everything I can in helping you grow as well.

      I love ya girllllll!

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