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Dwayne is making his rounds on the news promoting Feed The People and Extraordinary People Awards. Drop by and hear his dynamic story and the need for support.


Visual Artist LaVerne Adekunle


Visual Artist, LaVerne Adekunle, Has Announced the Release of Her New Collection

The skilled visual artist will display her latest series, Women Warriors, at a charitable event in Jacksonville later this month.

September 5, 2022, Brentwood, Tennessee LaVerne Adekunle, award-winning author and visual artist, has announced that her Women Warrior Collection will make its debut at the Extraordinary People Awards event with partner Feed the People Jax Inc. on September 25, 2022, at 325 North Main Street Jacksonville, FL, behind the main library. The event, which was created to honor accomplished leaders and feed homeless veterans, will begin at noon.

“Each portrait in this new series explores individuality and is framed to appear as if light is flowing through and reflecting on the subject’s facial features,” LaVerne says.

LaVerne’s style combines her skills and imagination to create paintings that are inspired by design, context, interaction, and culture. Her Women Warriors Collection is both a reflection of the artist and a recognition of how the world is finally beginning to embrace women’s power and accept all cultures.

According to LaVerne, “I’m honored to have my work premiered at such an important Veteran’s Benefit by Dwayne Coley, that provides much-needed humanitarian aid. ” LaVerne invites everyone to attend the Extraordinary People Awards and see her Women Warrior Collection debut.

About LaVerne Adekunle: LaVerne is the owner of laExpose’ Productions and the Eclectic Creations art brand. She grew up in the south in a multi-cultural family and began drawing and writing as a teenager, in addition to a variety of craft hobbies. LaVerne has traveled extensively in Africa and Europe, she has a PhD in Philosophy, and graduated from Bible College and studied in Germany. She has been able to incorporate cross-cultural elements into her paintings as a result of these significant life influences.

CONTACT: To find out more about LaVerne Adekunle, the Women Warrior Collection, the Extraordinary People Awards, or to arrange an interview for an article, please contact us.

Karla Johnson




Sponsors Needed!

We are deligently promoting our dynamic awards honoring those who serve. We are celebrating by serving those in need. Join in and support this special event! Dwayne & Elder Dempster will entertain. You can donate a meal or your chosen amount. FeedThePeopleJaxInc.com or Paypal: info@laexpose or Cashapp $feedthepeoplejaxinc

Get Ready!!

We are deligently promoting our dynamic awards honoring those who serve. We are celebrating by serving those in need. Join in and support this special event! Dwayne & Elder Dempster will entertain. You can donate a meal or your chosen amount. FeedThePeopleJaxInc.com or Paypal: info@laexpose or Cashapp $feedthepeoplejaxinc


Congrat’s Serene Tillman

Serene earned Exceptional Kids by Extraordinary People Awards two years ago this year EPA will recognize her as Outstanding All-Around Cheerleader & Academic Achiever.

Serene is the epitome of beauty & brains. She is on the cover of a new teen journal on Amazon and wrote the forward on Favored to Win Dream Journal at the age of 10.  She will be on the cover of International Face Magazine for her achievements.

She is a senior student, at the prestigious Parkview Arts & Science Magnet HS Class of ’23! She is a member of NHS, Student Council (secretary), & Cheerleader.

Her motto: Strength & Dignity |Proverbs 31:25|

Her social media time line is on Pinterest

(23) Pinterest

To reach her for events, spokesperson or modeling.



LaVerne Adekunle, PhD

No matter when I call Dr. LaVerne Adekunle she is always busy working on a project. 

This time it’s the annual Extraordinary People Awards banquet. Except for 2020 when nearly every event across the globe got canceled due to COVID, Adekunle has hosted her event throughout the United States and parts of Africa every year without fail. This June – in partnership with Feed The People – the fundraiser will be held Jacksonville, Florida. 

“This year our focus is on homeless military veterans and under-privileged families,” said Adekunle, adding that “a lot of Americans are falling through the cracks.” 

For a woman who grew up in the rural southern town of Vidalia, Georgia, Adekunle’s reach extends far beyond her roots. And she uses her influence to help others build their networks.

LA Expose’ is her international marketing organization designed to offer support to entertainers, artists and other creatives who want to build their careers throughout the United States, Europe and Africa. In a world where most people want to know WIIFT – What’s In It For Them? – this mother of two grown children had to work as a one woman show for many years to build LA’ Expose before others offered help. 

“When you’ve done this as many years as I have, you establish a reputation of reliability and honesty. When I say ‘I’m gonna do,’ I do.”

That’s when her passion and team building skills attracted a core team of volunteers. And that team has expanded her vision. In turn they grow and the organization does too. 

No matter how big her vision gets, Adekunle said GOD is at the center.

“When you love GOD and you love people, the driving force for me is doing what I’m supposed to do, and that is serving and helping others.”

She comes by it naturally: Her parents were in ministry, community-based people who lived to serve others. And her children are following suit, because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 

Her advice to others who want to make a difference in their communities is to (1) follow your passion; (2) fulfill your purpose; and (3) work with like-minded people to make your dreams reality. 

Even the hardest working woman from Vadalia takes time to nurture her own family tree. Her 7-year-old grandson, Hylan Tillman is the family’s latest published author. His new coloring book will be released on Amazon in the coming weeks. He’s the new priority client of LA ‘Expose! If her support for other clients is any indication of Hylan’s success, his activity book will be selling out in no time flat. To find Dr. LaVerne Adekunle follow her on laExpose.com.

By Steffanie Rivers

Feed The People Jax Fundraising

The Fundraiser of Feed The People Jax Inc.

Feed The People Jax Inc. Serves Homeless, Disabled Veterans & Underprivileged Hot Meals. Giving to charities and philanthropy that was once believed to be reserved for the wealthy and the elite is now a prevalent feature of modern society. Charitable organizations fill a crucial space in our communities. They are for the benefit of the general public. They assist with projects that the government or private sector can’t cover, and they aid in developing vibrant economies and societies. Giving to charity can be financially and emotionally rewarding. This is why it’s crucial to understand the options available to you so that your contribution can have the most impact.


Dwayne Coley, CEO of Feed The People Jax Inc. a 501c3 organization. He is also the former artist of C-Love Music and Producer of True Ministry, based out in Jacksonville, Florida. He hails from Jacksonville, which is where, at a young age, he discovered his passion for music. With a solid faith-based background, He believes in putting God first in every aspect of his life. Dwayne has been a guest at numerous weddings, local churches, and many other events offering soulful music to people of all ages. The new song “This Wedding Day” with an emcee remix of “After the Wedding” just for the reception brings an innovative style to the music industry.

Dwayne believes in the potential of the internet and believes the program can do a lot. Dwayne believes in the connection between people and hopes that families can be the center of everyone’s focus through his music and products. He has won numerous awards for his writing and music and the Producer & Director of Extraordinary People Awards.

Feed The People Jax Inc. Fundraiser

Dwayne Coley is a veteran who is still serving disabled and homeless veterans. He is a volunteer Executive Director and Music Producer at laExpose’s Productions. He caters hot meals for those in need. The project he is working on is fundraising for a BBQ Trailer on Gofundme. The remarkable aspect of charitable giving nowadays is that it is possible to choose from an array of options for giving that let anyone contribute to their local communities, charities, and causes they are passionate about. It can be done either by giving money, property, or through investments as well as indirectly through conscious capitalism, as well as through channels that help support the causes of our society.

Feed The People Jax Inc is In Need Of Donations

Many charitable organizations depend on regular, small donations to fund their programs. Even if the amount you’re able to contribute is not much, don’t underestimate the value of your donation. The kind of gifts you make can add up and have an enormous impact on your supporting charities! The most efficient homeless charities recognize that the fight against homelessness is a complicated social issue that requires a change in the system.

Due to this complexity, they have to implement multiple programs at various levels. They are advocates. They influence policies and protections for the homeless. In addition, they operate on a local level to provide vital aid that helps save lives in moments of crisis. This allows Feed The People Jax Inc to consistently raise funds that will help fund our programs that aid disabled and homeless veterans and underprivileged who are in need. To support us visit www.FeedThePeopleJaxInc.com

Humanitarian Aid Benefit

Extraordinary People Awards Announces Humanitarian Aid Benefit

We are excited to announce that our Extraordinary People Awards will be on September 24, 2022. The prestigious award will be a humanitarian aid and benefit event to help homeless veterans and the underprivilege in Jacksonville Florida.

The Honorees will be able to accept their prestigious award during the benefit event, both globally and locally. All the proceeds will go toward hosting the awards, feeding, and food distribution.

In addition, this will be a memorable event as Pot of Gold Outreach Ministry a registered non-profit of many years of services, will help sponsor homeless items. 

Award-winning Gospel performer and Executive Director, Dwayne Coley Jr. will provide tailored catered meals through Feed The People Jax Inc. known for his “luscious” veteran and less fortunate feeding program. 

This is an opportunity to serve others!

The registration for the award is open until August 13th.  There will be tickets available until the quota is met or seats full.  There are opportunities for sponsorship, advertisement, and donors available on the registration page.



 laExpose’ Productions A 501c3 nonprofit organizations host Extraordinary People Awards annually. 

Mission: A World where people will accept others diverse talents and help end poverty. Vision: laExpose’ seek to educate, promote community service & eradicate poverty. 

Media Contact

Dwayne Coley



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