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Annual EPAwards Announced

Annual Extraordinary People Awards Announced

Brentwood, TN-9/7/18~Extraordinary People Awards identify individuals that have achieved exceptional success in their local community by empowering the lives of others.

“This year the awards will be a White and Gold Affair; a glamorous event for our honorees. New this year, our dinner will be catered by gourmet award-winning Chum On BBQ perfect for this Southern City, Atlanta Georgia” stated by Macaiah Tillman, PhD.

Our special guest for 2018 are Woman & Pastor of the Year, Apostle’s Ida and Calvin Austin, Host Darla Allgood, Che’don, Kainat and Rooma Khan, America’s Next Top Model of cycle 19, Victoria Henley, Elder Dempster, Saxophonist Harold Rapp III, Tikos Johnson, Dwayne Coley & True Ministry, Ayanlola Ayanyimika, Susan Lee and Phyllis Shimamoto.
EPA will be covered by AHWA TV Host, Minstrel Appointed and photographer Carol White Photography. We also want to salute our laExpose’ member whom earned Best Director of the Year, Sunshine Olawore for A Million Baby Movie, Best Actor in a Comedy, Odulade Adekola, Best Comedy Movie 2018 A Million Baby, GoldMyne TV Content Producer’s Lakunle Oni & Moradeke Adegboyega. Congratulations for such accomplishments.

“Being selected as an Extraordinary People Award Winner presents a great opportunity to create a buzz in the media and throughout the industry, bringing honoree’s front and center among potential clients and partners.” said founder Dr. LaVerne Adekunle of the United States.

Extraordinary People Awards is one of the most prestigious International awards the organization bestows. It honors the recipient’s lifetime of achievements, humanitarian aid, volunteerism and contributions made in global communities. The honorees are chosen by the advisory team and from members comprised of authors, artist, entrepreneurs, ministers and community service leaders from.

About Us

Extraordinary People Awards founded by Dr’s LaVerne Adekunle & Macaiah Tillman. Our 2018 premier sponsors, Dwayne Coley Music Ministry, Pot of Gold Outreach, Come On In Inc, MTMotivations and Encounter Africa. In addition to all the honorees and guest whom make this event a success.
la Expose’ Productions is a nonprofit organization hosting Extraordinary People Awards to honor and identify some of the most gifted and talented individuals.


Media Contact

Dwayne Coley


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laExpose’ partners with Shines World Films


la Expose’ Productions partners with Shines World TV

laExpose’ (pronounced el-ay ex-pose-ay) is a community of gifted and talented people from across the globe. Created by LaVerne Adekunle and co-creator Macaiah W. Tillman with Sunshine S. Olawore, Vice President.
laExpose’ seeks to identify, recruit and educate a new generation of talents teaching gratitude, integrity, and community service.
There are a variety of talents represented at laExpose, ranging from musical entertainers, producers, authors, publishers, writers, models, artists, ministries, business entrepreneurs, talk show hosts, and inventors.
With the leading of Sunshine S. Olawore, laExpose’ Productions will partner with  ShinesWorldtv to provide oversight and expansion of services for our artist and audiences.
With unemployment staggering stats over 14million people need jobs.  We have a variety of gifted people fall within the stats that need our support and we are “paying it forward’ helping one another. laExpose financial aid  or use google document
laExpose is an complimentary marketing platform, that adds support to members primary marketing and advertisement. We utilize various forms of online and offline marketing, publicity campaigns, social networking sites and word of mouth referrals. To Register Click Here
Having a group of like-minded individuals together, all working towards promoting & supporting each other by paying it forward is priceless, effective and is what makes laExpose’ so powerful.
Each talent is encouraged to take the opportunity to promote laExpose’ and each other through their connection. If we duplicate and support one another as a requirement in the registration, we expand grassroots marketing. The more a person engages and participates, following the guidelines and recommendations supplied to them, the more ongoing exposure the person or business will receive.  Thus bringing random acts of kindness in full circle. To follow our blog and meet other talents visit laExpose Blog or community visit us HERE.
There are additional premium services laExpose offers for a fraction of the price normally charged elsewhere, if interested please feel free to inquire by emailing: info@laexpose.com. If you are interested in donating to laExpose’ pay pal us at info@laExpose.com
Visit us on ShinesWorldFilms, LaVerne Make It or Break It, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter hashtag@ laExpose. To follow us in Ghana visit