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la Expose’ is a community of talents and entrepreneurs that share exposure through a grassroots movement by using online and offline marketing approach.  We utilize, Web 2.0, press releases, blogs, newsletters, groups, magazine ads, tv-radio,  social media, company & organizations database to build brands to name a few.

This Program is not for people who don’t answer emails or have time to communicate, or help spread the word!! We are not for profit and ask for very little support. As with anything, this platform may not be for you!

At this time we are no longer accepting free members.  Anyone committed to consulting, branding & promotion we will send a contract with package for you to choose the services you request.


In order to take advantage of the program, one must commit to do the following:

1. Submit high def photo. No photo-No Exposure.. after signing up and you are confirmed you will be apart of a family of talented leaders.

Please fill out completely. Good profiles are attractive to producers & publishers to read. If you only interested in marketing & promotions you welcome to choose the marketing packages.

2. Fill out the form completely with full contact info and social sites full addresses so we can find your websites or social media sites. No bulling!

All our sites on twitter, facebook, pinterest and youtube are @ laExpose.  Full websites are   please give us your full website addresses if you have one. Email us at

3.  You need to speak English or have a Translator. We do have a translator who speak Danish, Swedish, Spanglish, French, Creole, Italian, German, Deutch if you speak any other language you must have a translator.

4. Agree to keep all video marketing meetings and emails confidential.

5. Friend/Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube another way to work social marketing if you have these sites.

Guidelines and Expectations:

1. Submit materials after agreement is signed.

laExpose’ seeks to identify, recruit and educate a new generation of leaders encouraging gratitude, integrity, and community service.

2. Maintain communication with la Expose’ monthly.

3. Share our program among your contacts. 

4. Add a link or our image about la Expose’ to your websites and/or blog, newsletter if you are not restricted.

5. Join the social media sites if you have an account ex.  FRIEND US and Nigeria.

6. Producers, Agents, Publishers, expect a picture profile. You can not get to the stage without being seen! Photos are mandatory and if you don’t have a photo or image of your product don’t waste your time till you have one or the other. We have another website Submitting photos can be used by laExpose on marketing and advertising per your agreement.

7. Several positions are available to talents that are supportive and would love a more active role in the laExpose’ global growth. With basic experience in the industry, we need a leader for each country or region.

Stay Active;

We look forward to you sharing our fundraising project

The commitment is to bring exposure and build comradeship sharing deeds of kindness sharing this great mission.

No Porn, Profanity, Negative Gossip on any of laExpose sites. Profiles will be dropped immediately if we find any violations. No infringes or any third party’s intellectual property rights or proprietary rights.  By registering with us or using or browsing this Network, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms.

We expect all talents to be of integrity and not engage in fraud or scamming activities. Clients & Teammates, inquiring work from anyone should be responsible for doing their own background or reference checks. We will not support or endorse fake people that misrepresent themselves or laExpose’ image. Your membership application is your approval to the terms.

People Pushing People Up

 People Pushing People Up

10 thoughts on “Registration to Join”

    1. You are indeed welcome! I don’t hear thank you much so when I do, it makes it feel this effort is not in vain. I am honored to work with you and the others that is trying to make a difference for us all.

      Proud of you!!

  1. I just want to take this time to say Thank You along with laura i have not been with Laexpose for long but for the time that i have i am really encouraged this is very inspiring to have a group of people to work together towards somebody else goals and dreams this is something you almost never see. I am really looking forward to bigger things that are coming all of our way due to the love for God’s people that the founder/founders of this company has. Today i would like to ask everyone to Pray for mrs. v and her staff that help man this site and put our name out there I speak and decree blessings upon her and her family call it done IN JESUS NAME !

  2. Get ready for the 1 year anniversary of YOU Magazine…God has blessed and given favor to YOU Magazine in continuous growth..YOU Magazine is read in 6 different countries, Praise Yahweh!! Our like button maybe low, but our readership is well past the thirty thousand mark!!!… God is beyond a Good God; and the BEST IS YET TO COME!!!… FAVOR!!!

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