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Mission Statement

laExpose’ seeks to identify, recruit & educate a new generation of talents. Including gratitude, integrity & community service..

Mission: A World where people will accept other diverse talents to end poverty.

Vision: laExpose’ seek to educate, promote community service & eradicate poverty.

As the President of a local chapter, you will be expected to:

  • To have a heart for the people and have leadership skills.

  • Be personable, and enthusiastic with the ability to communicate with everyone from all walks of life.

  • Commit to the role of President for one year.

  • Commit to being a laExpose’ team player.

  • Have e-mail capability.

  • Contact members and visitors with the date and time selected for the meetings.

  • Be sensitive to the concerns of the members.

  • Facilitate meetings online/offline in such a way that each member/visitor feels welcome and free to share from her heart.

  • Work with EPAwards or consider your own EPA with support.
  • Forward the contact information of all members and visitors to headquarters at

  • Start and end each meeting on time and share notes.

  • A member can have a local group in the same city under President, which makes local President a Regional President.

laExpose’ is not an ordinary non-profit platform. We are a service-social organization. As a organization, it is our desire to see our meetings structured; in addition, a warm, welcome, and relaxed atmosphere. We want each to be able to share personal goals and how we can help each other become more successful without any discrimination to religion, gender or nationality.

When and How to Begin

Be enthusiastic and your excitement will be contagious as you spread the word about laExpose’ and our projects.

 If every member share who we are and what we are doing we will have a dynamic impact in our communities. Each President can set organization fees/dues according to average income for your area/country.  If that is too much to ask, you can host fundraisers so your chapter will have a budget for expenses. President need to attend major events. Regional fundraising need to submit 25% of dues or funds coming to headquarters which enables support for the organization. Each President needs to inform headquarters how they will address dues/fees. Meeting should be monthly or at least every by-monthly. You can use skype, or conference calls for your officers and meetings for home-bound.

 President Application Here laexpose-chapter-info

To register and activate a  Chapter, you will need to complete a Registration application and fax 615-345-4192 or email  include your city and when you like to host your first organizational meeting. Once we receive your email you will be contacted with further details.

To donate to our Cause and use thanking you in advance!


People Pushing People Up
People Pushing People Up



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