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Ms.Senior Elite Pageant


Immediate Release


Come On In Inc. to debut Ms. Senior Elite Pageant in Colorado Springs

Brentwood TN. 12/8/17- Eld. John Williams Founder of Come On In Inc. and Colorado Elite Steppers launches its first Ms. Senior Elite Pageant in Colorado Springs Colorado.  Eld.Williams goal is to organize Ms. Senior Elite for other senior organizations across the nation.  He added to his team Dr. LaVerne Adekunle who has much marketing experience and event planning. She is the Founder of a non-profit organization laExpose’ Productions and the Assistant Executive Director of Come On In.

This year they also represent Extraordinary People Awards and Global TruceWorks which is non-violence program. Who would know 17 years ago these Blytheville residents would be still doing a great service to mankind together on such an international scale. “Great talent come from Blytheville Arkansas” stated Dr. Macaiah Tillman.

Eld. John Williams is the youngest of 14 children, his mentor Mrs. Etter Mae Robinson, told him, that he was smart and could be anything in life that he wanted to be. That, was when Mr. Williams made a tremendous change in his life. With the improvement of his self-confidence and self-worth, Mr. Williams graduated with the Class of 1986. Upon graduation, he received two scholarships. Mr. Williams was the first of 14 children to finish high school and attend college. He joined the United States Army in Dec of 1988 and his wife recently retired from the military. Both received many awards over the many years in which they served. Eld. John list of Awards, educational certifications and degrees are many and very distinguished visit his website for more information. http://www.ComeOnIn.org

Dr. LaVerne Adekunle is an award-winning author and founder of Extraordinary People Awards. She graduated from Blytheville High. She holds her Ph.D  of Philosphy in Christian Education; she is a former Adjunct Professor at TNT Biblical Institute.  An alumni of Aenon Bible College, her heart of compassion led her into Missionary work; she then went on to major in Psychology at Cuyahoga Community College. Dr. Adekunle also graduated from Cotton Boll Vo-Tech(MCCC) with certification in Secretarial Business, she is a certified Fitness& Nutrition Specialists from US Career Institute, and she completed the P.O.G.I.A ministerial program in Ramstein Germany.

About Us

Ms. Senior Elite event to spotlight and give honor to women who have reached the point in life some call the “age of elegance.” It is a search for seniors that are gracious and want to share wisdom which symbolize, dignity, maturity and inner beauty.

Our philosophy is based upon the belief that seniors are very worth asset and our most needed treasure. It is upon their knowledge, experience and resources that the younger generation has the opportunity to continue to have a productive meaningful life. Our mission and goal are to empower seniors and our youth across our nation.
All proceeds go to Colorado Springs Elite Steppers a youth mentoring program and Senior Elite Pageants expansion. To support the event visit http://www.Gofundme.com/seniorelite

Media Contact

Dr.LaVerne Adekunle